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Weighsafe Precision System

Weighing module adaptable to any lift truck with a FEM2 plate in order to obtain a quick and accurate weighing up to 2500 kg

  • 17-key numeric-functional keyboard for entering and recalling tares, codes, etc.
  • LCD display with 6 25mm digits with fixing bracket Bearing structure in extra thick sheet steel
  • 2 IP67 shear beam load cells +/-0.05% accuracy of the applied load
  • Digital calibration and setup
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (40-hour operating time) with external 110-240 Vac adapter

Extras available: attached printer, reception module and radio frequency data transmission, and DFWATEX Indicator for hazardous environments.

Main Functions

  • lot weigh totalisation
  • item counting
  • dosage, formulation
  • printing and data transmission




kg (std)
kg (CE-M)
FEM 2 mm
LTW6 600 0.2 1 910x407x110
LTW15 1500 0.5 2 910x407x110
LTW15D 600/1500 0.2/0.5 1/2 910x407x110
LTW25 2500 0.5 5 910x407x110


Weighsafe Axle Track wireless Axle Load Monitoring System brings a new standard of Weighsafe Axle Track wireless Axle Load Monitoring System brings a new standard of weight management to the Transport Industry.


Our digital Axle Link system provides customers with on-board weighing technologies for the transport, bulk haulage, grain haulage, mining, farming, logging, distribution and waste management industries. With the option of wireless in- cab handpiece the axle link units can communicate the weight data directly to the handpiece.


Designed for air or fixed suspension systems each axle link provides real time monitoring for each axle / axle group. The weight is clearly displayed on the backlight LCD screen which can easily be seen..


Please go to the Brochure section to download the information on this product.


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Weighsafe is an On-Board Weighing solutions company

which delivers what other companies find difficult. This is due to the intergrated management system the company promotes to track and trace the Quality Documents and routine service and more. You're in safe hands at Weighsafe.

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