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WS Floor Scales

Main Features

  • very accurate and sturdy
  • easy to install
  • highly versatile
  • no moving parts


Weighing Bars


Their sturdiness and versatility make these ideal for weighing hoppers, conveyer belts, and roller units. Installing the framework to be weighed is made simple and quick thanks to the wide surface available for mounting it.

  • Off center or shear beam load cells
  • Articulated compensation joints for bending and
  • expansion of the framework to be weighed
  • Mechanical overload protection from accidental bumps and overloads
  • IP68 protection
  • Extras available: stainless steel version; high resolution; with 3000e or 2x3000e CE-M approval for legal for trade use.


g (std)
BPSI 15/30/60/150 25/10/20 400X80 85+20
BPM 60/150/300 10/20/60 600X105 130
BPX 150/300/600 20/200/500 1200X150 120
BPL 600/1500/3000 100200/500 1200X150 120
BPL 6000 1000 1200X150 120


Single-Cell Platforms


Electronic platforms for small and medium capacity scales or item counters, suitable for installing on counters, raising frames or on the floor.

  • Functions with an off-center OIML R60 approved cell for direct loads without levers.
  • Fitted with satined AISI 304 stainless steel surface.
  • Protection from overloads, adjustable feet and level. IP65 protection.
  • Extras available: versions entirely in stainless steel with lP58 load cells, high resolution, 3000e or 2x3000e CE-M approvable for legal for trade use.


g (std)
TRNI 0,6/1,5/3 0,1/0,2/0,5 150x150x50
TSN 3/6/15 0,5/1/2 230x330x90
TTN 6/15/30 1/2/5 330x330x90
TQN 15/30/60/150 2/5/10/20 400x400x140
TMN 30/60/150 5/10/20 400x500x140
TCN 30/60/150 5/10/20 500x500x140
TLN SO/150/300 10/20/50 500x600x150
TXN 6O/150/300 10/20/50 600x600x150
TGN 150/300/600 20/50/100 700x700x165


Platforms with 4 Load Cells


Low profile electronic platforms for all types of industrial and commercial scales.

  • Functions with 4 approved shear beam load cells for direct loading without levers in IP6B stainless steel.
  • Removable galvanized sheet iron loading surface. Adjustable, shockproof flexible feet and level.
  • Extras available: stainless Steel surface or versions entirely in stainless steel; high resolution; 3000e or 2x3000e CE-M approvable for legal trade use; access ramps; frame and plates for flush floor installation.

    g (std)
    ETC 300/600/1500 50/100/200 800x800x90
    ETA 300/600/1500 50/100/200 1000x1250x90
    ETM 300/600/1500 100/200/200 1000x1250x90
    ETB 300/600/1500 50/100/200 1250x1250x90
    ETD 600/1500/3000 100/200/500 1250x1500x110
    ETE 600/1500/3000 100/200/500 1500x1500x110
    ETF 600/1500/3000 100/200/500 1500x2000x130
    ETG 6000 1000 1500x2000x130
    ETH 3000/6000/10000 500/1000/2000 1500x2500x180
    ETL 3000/6000/10000 500/1000/2000 2000x2500x180


  • Weighsafe Axle Track wireless Axle Load Monitoring System brings a new standard of Weighsafe Axle Track wireless Axle Load Monitoring System brings a new standard of weight management to the Transport Industry.

    Our digital Axle Link system provides customers with on-board weighing technologies for the transport, bulk haulage, grain haulage, mining, farming, logging, distribution and waste management industries. With the option of wireless in- cab handpiece the axle link units can communicate the weight data directly to the handpiece.

    Designed for air or fixed suspension systems each axle link provides real time monitoring for each axle / axle group. The weight is clearly displayed on the backlight LCD screen which can easily be seen..

    Please go to the Brochure section to download the information on this product.

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