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Weighsafe Mini

The WEIGHSAFE MINI SERIES is a compact micro-processor based unit connected to the hydraulic lifting system found on lift trucks or similar machines.

A load is placed on the forks and is then accurately weighed by measuring the hydraulic pressure required to raise the load.


The hydraulic sensor measures pressure and converts it to an electronic signal which is displayed on the WDU MINI Monitor.
An accuracy of +/- 1 to 2% of the lift truck capacity is typically achieved. Designed for heavy industrial use, the lift truck can weigh a load in less that 5 seconds. This will ensure your shipments will not exceed trailer/truck capacity. Individual weight is displayed as a fixed reading, for up to 6 - 8 seconds when the “WEIGH” key is pressed, using the unique “Digi lock” software.


The WEIGHSAFE WDU MINI SERIES will also totalise both the weight and number of lifts performed - which are available on simple recall.
An ultra slim, weatherproof, micro-processor based digital weight indicator with a 12.5mm LED display featuring tare weight, lock and hold, accumulative weight, number of lifts and printing functions.


Incorporates specifically designed “DIGI-LOCK” forklift weighing software.


Weighsafe is an On-Board Weighing solutions company

which delivers what other companies find difficult. This is due to the intergrated management system the company promotes to track and trace the Quality Documents and routine service and more. You're in safe hands at Weighsafe.

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